Wanted: A NEW Year


As 2014 has officially closed, all I can say is WANTED: A new year. There was plenty of good that came out of this year, but there were plenty of hardships, too, and a new year often comes with new dreams, new possibilities. First, the positives: The year took me to places far and near - from the Bahamas to a cruise in the Caribbean to the UK to California (3 times) to the North Fork to the Catskills to Philadelphia. My freelance travel writing career took a new course, which was really exciting and I plan to beef it up in the next year. I had a Read More


Taking My Tween to See The Fault in Our Stars

the fault in our stars

When I interviewed the author John Green, who wrote The Fault in Our Stars, I was a bit star-struck. Here I was schmoozing with the Judy Blume of our day, and one of the other interviewers on the call asked him how he felt about that title. He admitted that being called the modern Judy Blume made him feel uneasy but also very proud. Her books dealt the tough issues of puberty and adolescence of her day and so do his. He writes so eloquently about illness, death, falling in love, breaking up and the tough choices we have to make in life. It was just Read More


When Your Child’s Words Are Like Daggers

Before I had kids, I began to make sacrifices.  I suffered through morning sickness, nausea, back pain, a fluctuation in weight and exhaustion.  Then they came along, and I endured late nights, leakages through my shirt during meetings at work and even more exhaustion.  Life changed dramatically and quickly. Then there were decisions about work.  I let my job go, one I assumed I would be at forever more, to stay home with my children. It was a total upheaval, as it is for all of us moms and dads. I'm not sorry for any of it.  I've witnessed all of Read More