When it’s Worth the Wait

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 11.38.02 PMThis past weekend I attended a wedding of an old friend of mine.  She’s 42. It’s funny how any age over 40 is considered “old” these days. Personally, I don’t understand that but I have to accept that I, too, am over the hill.  Sigh. However, I refuse to believe that it is downhill from here, because it is most certainly not.

About three years ago, two very different things happened to my friend at the same time.  She suffered a terrible loss when her brother passed away very suddenly and quite tragically.   They meant everything to each other. And then he was gone.  Just like that. She was completely blind sided and shell shocked.

Not long before that, she had met her future husband at synagogue. As he now tells the story, her mother spotted him and told my friend to introduce herself before it was too late.  When he asked her where she worked, it happened to be at the office directly next door to his office.  As he spoke about it at the wedding, he said that she had purposely gotten a job there to be close to him (which of course made all of us laugh).

They started dating soon after that, and when her brother died, it was he who saved her.   During the wedding, it was as though her brother was indeed hovering over our heads, making sure that his sister moved on happily. He will always be her guardian angel and there is no doubt he was a member of the wedding party last night.

Why am I telling this story? Because at age 42, I don’t get invited to many weddings.  I have a variety of friends, married and not married, all mostly content with the paths they have taken.   Some of us rushed into marriage, many of us did not (my husband and I dated for four years and lived together for a year before we got married).  Many of my friends have settled into their lifestyles and I can imagine have no room to accommodate someone in their very busy and satisfying lives.  And let’s not forget that times have changed. Many people don’t see a need for getting married. More women are having children than ever. We are living in very different times than when our parents were growing up.  We have different choices and our own children will be living in a very different world when they grow up.

I feel such a strong sense that my friend and her new husband, have been brought together for a purpose, perhaps by a greater spirit..  They compliment each other in ways that two people getting married at the young age of 22 can’t.  They both had flourishing careers and already worked out much of what they are seeking in life.have

Had she rushed into a relationship with one of the people she had met before meeting him, perhaps she would have not met her husband to be, who is certainly her destiny.   Here are two people, who have really lived life in more ways than can be described, coming together for eternity. for no reason other than love.  Not because they’re young, frivolous and spontaneous or because it was love at first sight.  It’s the real thing.

The point is that my friend met her soul mate when she wasn’t even looking.  He was waiting for her all the time.

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  1. Jen maidenberg says:

    The best gifts are often unexpected… I know this has been true in my life. One of my mantras when my life gets challenging is: Universe. I am an open window for opportunity. Please feel free to send one my way. 🙂

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