When TV Music Means Something #ThisIsUsMusic


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by #ThisIsUsMusic.  I just lost my father. It's not something I've talked about often publicly as the circumstances around his death were quite unusual. His death has impacted me in ways that I can't describe. I find myself reflecting on could have been and should have been in his final years quite often. After my parents separated 15 years ago, our relationship became a bit estranged, and then he got sick. In very recent years, he didn't know who I was and our visits got harder and harder. But if I had that extra Read More


My “The Sound of Music Live” Post-Mortem


Over the last two days since the airing of "The Sound of Music Live," I have observed harsh criticism and cackling about Carrie Underwood and the actual production itself.  I just jumped on Twitter and found these tweets knocking the performance, for example:   I could post thousands more pieces of negative criticism about the show, and I won't deny taking part myself. On Thursday night, my friends and I were gasping at the poor acting on Facebook.  We were questioning the hissing sound in the background. The comparisons to the original film were Read More


Culture Mom TV: Parenthood

NBC's Parenthood storyline resonates with me week after week.  I haven't enjoyed a show this much since 30 Something.   I relate to this show on so many levels.  For one thing, it's about parents, and their problems and realities.  For another, it's about a family that has its ups and downs and shows that our problems are never singularly our own. You probably already know that the show follows the Braverman clan, five grown children, their families, and their aging parents.   Last week the parents, Zeek and Camille, played by Bonnie Bedelia and Craig Read More