A Multi-Generational Visit to Vermont’s Lake Morey Resort

  Follow my blog with Bloglovin This past weekend I packed the kids and my mom up and we fled to Vermont. Our destination was Lake Morey Resort, a family-style resort located on a 600-acre lake surrounded by greenery, filled with water sports and packed with memories. I try to take my mother away with us once a year to somewhere unlike anywhere she has ever been and somewhere with an appeal to my kids. Lake Morey Resort was ideal for this year's choice. The resort is rustic yet upscale at the same time. It has an old time feeling of genuine Read More


My Thoughts on Multi-Generational Travel


As my children are getting older, travel is entering a whole new dimension. I'm happy to say that as a traveling family there is more excitement, more questions about where we're going and what we're seeing, and far more gratitude for going to faraway places. There is also not as much to pack - no more bottles, no more diapers, far less toys. Instead there are travel journals, books to read, iPads and comfortable shoes to pack for all of us. My kids are growing up, and it's making traveling more doable and much more interesting. So when my mother was Read More