25 Reasons I Love Israel

I won’t lie – every time I visit Israel, I come back pining to move there. This past trip was no exception. I have an attachment to the country. Here’s a short list of 25 reasons why I love Israel. I can already think of 25 more. 1. With my curly locks and dark skin, I fit right in. 2. I love it when hummus and tahini are acceptable foods to eat at all times of the day. 3. I love the way everything closes on Shabbat and a sense of tranquility covers the streets. 4. The mix of cultures. 5. You don't have to travel long distances to see Read More


Stand Up for Israel/Comedy for Koby

I spent my freshman year of university in Jerusalem with a guy named Avi Liberman (pictured above).  I always remembered him as a genuinely nice, funny guy and was happy when we reconnected on Facebook a few years ago.  The program we went on either convinced you to move to Israel or turned you in a real Zionist, doing what you can for Israel from wherever you are. For the last few years, I've been keeping up with Avi's life as a comedian, whilst he's been living in Los Angeles.  I knew that he has great success in his field.  However, I didn't really Read More