A Day Out in Israel’s Caesarea National Park

One of my most vivid memories of being in Israel for the first time at age 16 was being a very special place called Caesarea (pronounced Kaysarya).  Standing amongst the ruins from hundreds of years of ruling empires certainly left its mark on my memory. So, when a very good friend suggested we meet there during my recent trip to Israel, I jumped at the opportunity.  My two kids and one niece drove the 45 minutes from where we were staying down the coastal highway and were there by lunchtime. We met at the marina, the old harbor.  Since it is Read More


Exploring Tel Aviv with Kids

If you haven't visited Tel Aviv, you must put it on your list.  It is such a happening city, offering so much variety: great beaches, good shopping, restaurants of all kinds, easy access to all of Israel including Jerusalem in one direction and the north in another.  It’s bustling, absolutely thriving. Tourism is definitely up, as witnessed by the various accents throughout the city and a decent exchange rate.  The city has changed a lot since my last visit seven years ago, only for the better.  There’s also a lot to do with children, Read More


Exploring Jerusalem with Kids

I have spent a lot of time in Israel in my lifetime, and I have traveled to a lot of places.  Yet no matter where I go or how exotic the destination is, Jerusalem holds a special place in my heart.  When I started booking our recent trip to Israel, I knew we had to start in Jerusalem and spend a few days there.   The city also holds many special memories for me as I attended part of high school and college in the city. I know Jerusalem as intimately as I know my own hometown, perhaps even more so. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and is Read More


25 Reasons I Love Israel

I won’t lie – every time I visit Israel, I come back pining to move there. This past trip was no exception. I have an attachment to the country. Here’s a short list of 25 reasons why I love Israel. I can already think of 25 more. 1. With my curly locks and dark skin, I fit right in. 2. I love it when hummus and tahini are acceptable foods to eat at all times of the day. 3. I love the way everything closes on Shabbat and a sense of tranquility covers the streets. 4. The mix of cultures. 5. You don't have to travel long distances to see Read More


Stand Up for Israel/Comedy for Koby

I spent my freshman year of university in Jerusalem with a guy named Avi Liberman (pictured above).  I always remembered him as a genuinely nice, funny guy and was happy when we reconnected on Facebook a few years ago.  The program we went on either convinced you to move to Israel or turned you in a real Zionist, doing what you can for Israel from wherever you are. For the last few years, I've been keeping up with Avi's life as a comedian, whilst he's been living in Los Angeles.  I knew that he has great success in his field.  However, I didn't really Read More