Parenting: Knowing What’s Important


If you’re following me closely, you know I just spent several weeks abroad. I combined my work with a bit of a personal exploration of Eastern Europe that you’ll be reading about in various places, including right here on the blog. It ended up being very intense, as I delved into Jewish history and brought home very valuable lessons that tie in with our recent election and where we are as a country.

I was gone a long time: 18 days. I’d never been away for that long. I left my family to fend for themselves. But please know my kids are older now – 12 and 13. It’s slightly easier. I made sure I had childcare, nonetheless, and I left extensive instructions.

But like I said, it was a long time. Things went well while I was gone, but it was also hard. I’m the backbone of the family. I’m not complaining about it, but it’s the role I’ve set up for myself. I’m needed. I can complain about it as much as I want, but at the end of the day, my family needs me. One particular child, to be honest.

I had booked another work trip for today to go somewhere fabulous. I was looking forward to covering a particular international resort.

But when push comes to shove, and it did, I really couldn’t feasibly go on another trip right now. I was forced to change my plans and go at later date.

And guess what? I feel good about it. I made the right decision. While I’m a champion of mom’s rights in terms of keeping our identities in tact, I also understand my responsibilities and don’t run away from them.

The trip will happen in a few months and I can live knowing I did what I had to do for my child.

That’s a good lesson to learn.

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  1. Absolutely! Kids are only young once, and being a truly present parent is vital. I, too, juggle pursuits with motherhood, though I don’t take solo vacations. But, even being out late some nights when my son is home doing homework, etc., raises my consciousness of my wanting to instill autonomy in him, but knowing I, too, am needed by him. It’s a constant balancing act….but it also ultimately feels good to be needed.

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