My Life Works, but my Feelings About It Don’t by Emily Paster

emily paster

This is the fifth entry in “I Don’t Know How She Does It,”  a series of guest posts about the working mom/stay-at-home dilemma.  It’s written by Emily Paster, editor and founder of WestoftheLoop.com.  Emily, a mother of two, teaches legal writing at Loyola University School of Law in Chicago. She writes about parenting, cooking and the struggle to stay cool in the suburbs at her blog West of the Loop.   Emily is another blogger that I loved as soon as we met at BlogHer last summer, and she is someone I look up to. She tweeted recently that writing Read More


I Don’t Know How She Does It, Either by Shari Simpson

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This is the fourth entry in “I Don’t Know How She Does It,”  a series of guest posts about the working mom/stay-at-home dilemma.  It’s written by Shari Simpson, the co-writer of the comedy “Maybe Baby, It’s You” ,  (Dramatic Publishing, Inc.) and the non-dizzy redhead behind the blog “Earth Mother just means I’m dusty.” She is also the editor of Mommy Poppins NJ and writes a weekly humor column for Aiming Low. Shari won a 2006 Telly Award in the “Social Issues” category for her short film script “Positive Choice” and writes for the HOPE Worldwide Read More


Three Writers for the Price of One with Relatively Speaking on Broadway

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 I was so happy to finally see Relatively Speaking: 3 One-Act Comedies last night at the Brooks Atkins Theatre, just a few weeks before it is set to close.  When I heard the creative talent behind this play, my mouth began to water and I had to see it.  The show features one-act comedies by Ethan Coen, Elaine May and Woody Allen.  Directed by John Turturro, the cast includes Caroline Aaron, Max Casella, Bill Army, Lisa Emery, Ari Graynor, Steve Guttenberg, Danny Hoch, Julie Kavner, Allen Lewis Rickman, Grant Shaud, Marlo Thomas, Katherine Borowitz, Jason Read More


Social Good Cause of the Week: Malaria No More

malaria no more

I'm always looking for a good social good campaign and Malaria No More's "Dream Big Campaign" is certainly that and is hence my social good cause of the week (my NEW Tuesday feature).  Malaria No More is an effort to help end malaria deaths in Africa and help children achieve their dreams. I saw Mandy Moore speak about the danger of Malaria at the 92nd Street Social Good Conference last year and it's a cause that we all need to get behind. Malaria robs more children of their dreams than any other disease in Africa, killing a child every minute. Yet, Read More


On Finding Balance: Who, What, Where, Why, and How by Elena Sonnino

Elena Sonnino

  This is the third entry in “I Don’t Know How She Does It,”  a series of guest posts about the working mom/stay-at-home dilemma.  It’s written by Elena Soninno, the founder of Ciao Mom and Just.Be.Enough.  Italian by birth, a mom, a teacher, a wife, a runner & triathlete, and a cancer survivor, Elena strives to carry the extra weight of empowerment and self-confidence through her writing.  She started Just.Be.Enough. last year in the hope of  inspiring women, parents, and children to believe in themselves.   I met Elena at BlogHer in 2011 Read More


Work at Home Vs. Stay at Home is so 1992 by Bonnie Rothman Morris

Bonnie Rothman Morris

  This is the second entry in “I Don’t Know How She Does It,”  a series of guest posts about the working mom/stay-at-home dilemma.  It's written by Bonnie Rothman Morris, the owner of Company B, a branding, public relations and social media expert known for her creative approaches to marketing.  Her clients have included Kaplan, Achilles International, Gevalia, Kaplan, Inc. and Shaw Henderson Interior Design .  She has counseled and developed campaigns for some of the world’s leading marketers, including Kraft Foods, eBay, American Express, Read More


MamaDrama News: A Special MLK Performance and Talkback

I've talked several times in the last two years about a wonderful show called Freckleface Strawberry, the hit off-Broadway family musical based on the popular children's book by actress, Julianne Moore.  In my review last year, I talked about the important messages that this play has to offer:  "The story has a great lesson to teach, and the music and dancing really help to bring the message home.  It’s truly the story of Strawberry’s journey to self-discovery."    Now I'm lucky to be helping to support and promote the show via my new company, Read More


If My Husband Decided to Stay Home…


I've been reading a lot of articles lately about men who are choosing to stay home while their wives to out to work full-time.  Census numbers show more dads are staying home. One-third of dads with working wives regularly care for their kids younger than 15 years old, according to the United States Census Bureau. I just watched this video on the subject.  Take a look. So, why is it that whenever I see or read about a stay-at-home dad like the one in the video, they look like they can are really into it and can cope with the day to day business of Read More


The Iron Lady, an Anti-Feminist Film?

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher Photo Credit: Alex Bailey / Courtesy of Pathe Productions Ltd

In the movie The Iron Lady, there is one line in particular that stands out in my memory.  "I don't want to die washing the dishes," Margaret Thatcher said that to her soon to be husband in the midst of his marriage proposal.  I sat there nodding my head, thinking that she and I had a lot in common. Directed by Phyllida Lloyd, a British writer and director, and written by Abi Mogran, two women, I had high hopes that this film would take me through the journey of how one woman in the UK transformed herself into one of the most well-known politicians Read More


Unbalance by Ann Imig

Ann Imig

This is the first entry in my new series "I Don't Know How She Does It," written by Ann Imig, a stay-at-home humorist and the National Director of Listen to Your Mother (LTYM). In some overwhelmed moments, I still wish I could just be content with the privilege of affording to stay home raising my kids.  I wish that the business of mothering could fulfill me completely, because my five and seven-year-old boys' baby days are bygone, and their childhoods feel fleeting. I already have to bribe my boys for hugs. Kisses are completely off-limits. Read More