Don’t Blame Marissa Mayer for Her Decision. It’s Her Choice.

I've been reading all about the hiring of Marissa Mayer, the new CEO of Yahoo, who immediately following the announcement of her new role also announced this on Twitter:           Mayer, 37 years-old, also quickly stated that after her birth in 3 months, she would work through her maternity leave and return to work after three weeks. And then the twitterverse went nuts:               Once again, the "having it all" and Read More


Where You Can Find Me

Every week I try my best to write here on The Culture Mom as much as I can.  It depends what I have to talk about.  You've probably seen my content change recently.  I've been going a little bit more personal and I tend to only cover events, books, movies, plays that I see.  I rarely mention anything that I don't have direct contact with. But there's also my free-lance writing.  I have deadlines every week, at least one or two.  I'm not sure if you know, I hope you do, that I do a lot of travel writing for several sites as a regular contributor and I Read More


Exploring the Life of Martin Luther King with My Kids in Atlanta, GA

When I was growing up in Atlanta, GA, I was taught to emulate Martin Luther King, Jr.  He was a man who never backed down fighting against racism and he  dedicated his life to achieving equality and justice for all Americans of all colors.  I was highly aware of who he was and how much he had changed the world I was growing up in. I want my children to have the same knowledge, so on our recent trip to Atlanta, I took them for a visit to the King Center, an amazing museum dedicated to his life and work.  The complex which spreads over a few blocks Read More


Review: Margaret by Writer-Director Kenneth Lonergan

Yesterday I was fortunate to receive an envelope with a Blu-ray inside: MARGARET,  the long awaited follow up to two-time Academy Award nominee Kenneth Lonergan's critically acclaimed debut feature You Can Count on Me, a movie that resonated with me on so many levels. It was the never-before-seen extended cut.  Fortunately, I'm a bit of a movie buff and I immediately understood the fortitude of this gift.  As soon as my kids went to bed, I popped into the DVD player and let the movie begin so I could find out what all the hype of this film is.  I had Read More


Celebrating Staples for Students with a $25 Gift Card Giveaway

Students for Staples

  Did you know that 1 in 5 children in the U.S. live in poverty?  That means 16 million kids will go without basic school supplies this year?  Wondering how you can help?  Good news: Staples is making it easy for its customers to give back this season with the Staples for Students national school supply drive.  Now through September 15th, Staples and DoSomething.org are encouraging teens to collect school supplies to help local students in need. Here's how it works: 1. SIGN UP: Head over to DoSomething.org staples to donate school supplies. Read More


Review: Ice Age: Continental Drift

The other night my kids and I were invited to special screening of Ice Age: Continental Drift in 3-D.  It's starts in theaters around the country starting tomorrow. They were really excited about the film (as you can see in the photo above); I was more keen on seeing its stars Ray Romano, Queen Latifah, John Leguizamo, Aziz Ansari and Keke Palmer up close and personal as they made a brief appearance at the screening.  Kids from the audience asked them questions (mine were too shy and were also not as familiar with the franchise as the other kids) and Read More


The Road to BlogHer 2012

It's hard to believe that BlogHer 2012 will be here in a few weeks.  It feels like yesterday that I was in San Diego for last year's convention.  Seriously, people, where does the time go? I just re-read the post I wrote when I got home to get a feel of what I got out of BlogHer last year.  Here are some of my random thoughts that I jotted down: I went armed with a schedule, a list of contacts to look out for and a plan.  I was also representing my company, so I had that very much in mind.  I received a lot of private invitations to events that Read More


Feeling PigeonHoled by the Term “Mommy Blogger”

Have you ever had a moment when someone you've never met, someone you don't even know says something you don't like to your face, and words come gushing into your heart but you hold them in? Today I was at a media event attended many people I know when a stranger, apparently a blogger herself, came up to me and asked, "Are you a mommy blogger"?  Actually, she asked the small group of us. Something inside me set off.  I was annoyed.  This honestly doesn't happen that often. You can call me Mommy, and you can be call me a blogger.  I am both of Read More


A List of Favorite Jewish Films, Inside and Out

When I polled a group of friends recently about their favorite Jewish films, I got a beautiful mishmash of responses.  This is to be expected - you always get the usual suspects like Fiddler's Roof, but you also get a list of comedies that touch on the Jewish experience from writers and directors like Woody Allen and Nora Ephron.  Most have incredible heart and have left a mark on our minds for our entire lives. Because in these movies we discover our people's histories and learn more about ourselves by watching.  Films don't have to be overtly Read More


Review: To Rome with Love

Last night, as we were getting comfortable in our seats right before a showing of Woody Allen's latest film, To Rome with Love, an usher strolled down the aisle to make an announcement: "Welcome, everyone.  You're about to see something by Woody Allen.  I'm sure it's not as good as his earlier work.  But hey - you paid for it." My husband and I laughed.  Personally, I never care about the reviews of Woody's films, nor do I tend to disagree with the negative feedback.  I've seen every single one of his films and pretty much loved them all.  They are Read More