Strokes of Brilliance in Tina Fey’s “Bossypants”


I enjoyed every word of Tina Fey's new tell-all called "Bossypants."  I actually call it a tell-all in gest.  She doesn't really rat on anyone in show business.  She's kind of gracious and scathing at the same time.  As someone yet to make my own mark in the world, I was really impressed with her story.  How she joined the cast of SNL at a very young age, after having been out in the world on her own for a very short time.  How she has always followed her heart, having had a love for theater and acting in high school and never left it behind. The book Read More


Review: Squinkies Nintendo DS Game


When my daughter found out that Squinkies is now available for the Nintendo DS, she was really excited.  For one thing, she was excited to play the game. For another, the game includes four ultra-rare, lovable Squinkies exclusively available only through purchase of the video game.  She was really happy to add more creatures to her growing collection. In the game, players become the Squinkies Princess searching for all of her friends in The Land of the Squinkies. As the player completes various mini-games and solves dynamic puzzles, more Squinkies are Read More


Review: The People in the Picture at the Roundabout Theater

People in the Picture

I just saw the Roundabout's current production of The People in the Picture and I still have tears flowing down my cheeks 2 hours after the finale.  It's a powerful musical, full of talented performers and a meaningful story. I have to admit that I feel very disappointed by all the negative reviews I've read about the show and couldn't disagree more.  Yes, it's about the Holocaust, which isn't an easy topic to address in a musical.  But in my mind, it's done with grace and consideration for this difficult topic.  Plus, I'm always impressed when a Read More


Travel Tuesday: Curtain Bluff in Antigua to Offer First-Ever Wellness Week

Curtain Bluff Wellness Week

Looking for a weekend getaway with your husband or with the girls?  This June, Curtain Bluff Resort in Antigua will host its first-ever Wellness Week. The week will take place June 9th-14th and is comprised of various fitness, spa, and wellness activities. It is ideal for those looking to relax while also starting the summer off on a healthy note. Daily fitness activities include a rainforest hike, Beach Boot Camp, Pilates, muscle toning, Yoga, stretch, aqua aerobics and more. Each participant also gets one complimentary personal training session at Read More


Guest Post: Mommy, What Happens When You Die?

Gina Osher

“Mommy, does Santa Claus die?” “Mommy, if you get stabbed by a light saber will you die?” “Mommy, what happens to your eyes when you die?” My 4-year old son has been lobbing these and other complex questions at me for about 6 months now.  It all began innocently enough, with the introduction of one of my favorite books from childhood: Babar.  Yes, Babar. Perhaps you will remember that Babar’s mother gets shot by a “wicked hunter” on page 3.  Did you remember that? I didn’t.  Well, that one incident opened up a line of questioning I wasn’t quite Read More


Notable Novelists of the 20th Century: A Card Game for Book Lovers

Notable Novelists

Preparing for a road trip or long plane journey and need some entertainment for you and your family?  If so, you may be interested in Notable Novelists, a strategy based card game that anyone can play (but it's billed for ages 12 and up, not really for young kids).  The game features important literary figures of the 20th century and offers inspiring insight into how and why they became great authors.  The 54 card deck includes Author, Bio and Library cards that players exchange to make a Literary Set.   It's good for tweens and teenagers as it teaches Read More


A Mother’s Day Post: They Had Me at “Hello”


I’ll never forget the moment my daughter was born.  We had been convinced she was a boy all throughout the pregnancy.  All the old wives’ tales pointed in the direction of a boy: the way my belly was shaped, my sour food cravings and the key test.  A stranger in Manhattan even stopped me in my tracks on the way home from work one day, yelling, “It’s a boy!” We were so convinced it was a girl that we only picked out boy’s names.   It wasn’t until the day before I was induced, while sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, that I realized there was every Read More


Guest post: Gibney Dance RETROSPECTIVE Concert


Gibney Dance celebrates 20 years of evocative choreography with a retrospective season at The Ailey Citigroup Theater. Retro-ACTIVE will showcase Gina Gibney’s richly textured and intellectually challenging choreography featuring excerpts from Several Truths (2001), Time Remaining (2002), unbounded (2005), Thrown (2004), and View Partially Obstructed (2009). Curated by current company members Natsuki Arai, Andrew Avery, Courtney Drasner, Lily Ockwell and Joshua Palmer, four of these five pieces were adapted to include male dancers. Ailey Citigroup Read More


Free NYC ARTS iPhone App


The folks at NYC Arts are now offering a FREE new app  where users can pinpoint hundreds of festival events occurring at individual arts groups and street locations on the Lower East Side.  As a fan and avid event-goer of everything NYC has to offer, I am really excited about this usefulapp. The app provides GPS-based functionality that allows users to “Find events nearby” wherever they are in New York City’s five boroughs, as well as search for events by category, neighborhood and organization. The app has been prepared especially for the festival Read More


Spend Mother’s Day at the Theater with Wonderland

Wonderland Mother's Day

WONDERLAND is the soaring new musical that takes a new kind of Alice into a world of kaleidoscopic fantasy and romantic adventure. As a mom whose life is spinning out of control, Alice’s yearning for happier times leads her on a quest far below the streets of New York City, to the other side of the looking glass. There, she meets a marvelous cast of familiar but phenomenally re-imagined characters who help her navigate this impossibly peculiar universe, and change her life forever.  This Mother's Day WONDERLAND is offering a special buy-one-get-one-free Read More