Join MamaDrama (That’s Me) Tonight for a Rosacea Facts Twitter Party

cynthia nixon rosacea

Please Join MamaDrama (that's me) for a Very Special Twitter Party      TONIGHT 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET Hashtag: #RosaceaFacts  Let’s talk rosacea awareness and check out the new RosaceaFacts public service announcement (PSA) featuring actress and rosacea sufferer Cynthia Nixon! Tonight join MamaDrama NY for a RosaceaFacts Twitter Party to educate others about the common skin condition, rosacea.  Please visit www.RosaceaFacts.com and view the PSA starring Cynthia Nixon, who reveals her personal experiences with rosacea. We’ll tweet with women who have Read More


Kids Cruise Kick Off with Dan Zanes and more in NYC


Looking for something really fun and different to do this weekend with the kids? Circle Line is hosting a KIDS CRUISE SERIES KICK OFF EVENT on Saturday, May 19th.  Their kids cruises will be sailing the first Saturday of the month all summer, including June 2nd, July 7th and August 4th. Boarding for the Kids Cruise will begin at 9:30am, sailing from 10:00-11:15am. Pricing is $28.00 for adults, $20.00 for children (3-12) and there is an infant comp ticket, for children 3 and under. The Kids Cruise is a great way for young children to discover the Read More


A Mother’s Day Poem

Mother's Day

Mom, You are as sweet as sugar and as nice as a flower. You're as pretty as a lily. You're like a star in the middle of the night. But I'm just glad you are my mom. Love, Olivia Read More


Happy Anti-Mother’s Day from Time Magazine

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By now, you've all read the blazing controversy surrounding the latest Time Magazine cover.  To be honest, I am not even interested in featuring the cover here on my site.  I don't want to feed into the whole sensationalism aspect of what Time has done, driving thousands, if not millions, to the store to pick up a copy to see the image of a 4 year-old standing on a chair while breastfeeding. The story inside the publication that the picture is referring to is about pediatrician Dr. William Sears and attachment parenting.  But the headline reads: "Are you Read More


How to Explain “Fifty Shades of Grey” to a Seven Year-Old

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The other day my seven year-old son glanced at my copy of one the Fifty Shades books, and looked at me and said, "Mom, why are there handcuffs on the cover of this book?"  Well, I didn't really have an answer for that.  Here's how our conversation went: Me: "Well, there's a criminal in the book." Son: "What did he do?" Me: "Well, he's not a very nice man.  He's had a hard life." Son: "So, why are there hand cuffs involved? Does he go to jail?" Me: "Not necessarily, no.  It's mainly about a man and woman who love each other." Son: "That Read More


This Mother’s Day Let’s Celebrate Aunts and All Women – oh, and Moms, too

Savvy Auntie

  Did you know that Mother's Day was founded by an aunt?  According to SavvyAuntie.com, Anna Jarvis, who never had children of her own, was responsible for creating Mother’s Day. She was close with her mother, who had often told Anna that she hoped someone would one day establish a memorial for all mothers, living and dead. After she died, Anna campaigned for a holiday in honor of all mothers. And hence: Mother's Day. What an amazing story. Every Mother's Day, I look forward to being showered with love by my family, but I always think Read More


LTYM NYC 2012: All This and So Much More

LIsten to Your Mother

It's been two days since Listen to Your Mother hit the NYC stage.  After weeks and weeks of working on the show's logistics, from finding a non-profit to support... to helping to cast the show to finding rehearsal space... to securing sponsorships... to scouting a location for the cast party, I put my heart and soul into bringing this show to life. I enjoyed every waking minute of it and nourished the experience.  Words can not even express how grateful I was to be a part of it.  I kept thinking that the chance of ever working on a NYC stage production Read More


Saving Children with Nutrition, Breastfeeding and More

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Have you ever wondered the best place to be a mom in the entire world? How about the worst? Save the Children’s thirteenth State of the World’s Mothers report shows Niger as the worst place to be a mother in the world  - replacing Afghanistan for the first time in two years. Norway comes in at first place.  The Best and Worst Places to Be a Mom ranking, which compares 165 countries around the globe, looks at factors such as a mother's health, education and economic status, as well as critical child indicators such as health and nutrition. Let's Read More


Join Me and The Motherhood to talk THE POWER OF HABIT

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      Award-winning New York Times business reporter Charles Duhigg is joining THE MOTHERHOOD to talk about his critically acclaimed new book The Power of Habit and how understanding habits is the key to exercising regularly, losing weight, raising exceptional children, becoming more productive, and more. And they've invited me to co-host! Here are the details: When: Tuesday, May 8, from 1-1:30 p.m. ET. Where: On The Motherhood, right here - http://bit.ly/IYMxOf Who: The all-text chat will be hosted by the Read More


Being in the Moment at Mom 2.0

Mom 2.0 Summit

I just got back from Mom 2.0.  I spent the last few days with women from all over the country, gathered to celebrate working moms and the power of the written word and social media.  For two days we listened to speakers talk about how we can make a difference using our influence, using our voice, using our intentions.  My heart is full, my mind spinning.  I met and heard from some of my own personal blogging heroes and got to spend quality time with some many of my virtual turned IRL friends.  I can't say enough about these virtues and significance of Read More