Book Club: The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe

When The Best of Everything was published in 1958, I can only imagine the buzz it created among young women.  After all, they are comparing it to be the 50 Shades of Gray of our day. Set in the early Fifties, the story follows a handful of working girls at a Manhattan publishing house.  There’s ambitious Caroline, who dreams of graduating from the typing pool to an editor’s office and she will do anything to get there; naïve country girl April, who's goal is clearly to meet someone so she can quit her job and stay at home in full fledge domesticity; Read More


Teaching Our Children to Give, to Please Give

The other night I watched a movie called Please Give by one of my favorite filmmakers, Nicole Holofcener.  Made in 2010, it’s about a husband and wife who butts heads with the granddaughters of the elderly woman who lives in an apartment they own next door.  It’s one of those slice-of-life films that I could completely relate to after living in NYC for nearly ten years before moving to the suburbs. It brought back vivid memories of living in Manhattan. But I connected with the movie on a different level.  In the film, Kate, played by the extremely Read More


Giveaway: Verdi’s La Traviata by Opera Australia

Giveaway: Verdi's La Traviata by Opera Australia (Screening and Reception in NYC)

"This mega-production deserves only three words: Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic!" —Opera Insider I'm giving away FIVE pairs of tickets to a very special reception and screening on September 19th of Verdi's La Traviata by Opera Australia. If you haven't yet seen it, you must.  It's one of the most beautiful operas in the world and this is wonderful opportunity for a truly unique NYC experience. Verdi’s La Traviata shines in this spectacular production from Opera Australia, performed on a floating stage in the Sydney Harbor under the stars. The Read More


Rosh Hashanah Twitter Party: Ring in the New Year Twitter Style

During the Jewish holidays, our families look to us to lead them through. Some of us are looking for ideas. How do we make Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur meaningful? How do we keep things interesting without breaking tradition? Are a round Challah and some apples and honey really enough? Join me and MamaDrama on Twitter this Thursday night at 9pm EST…the ultimate diaspora…for a special High Holiday hour. We’ll talk about our traditions, food/recipes and all things Rosh Hashanah (and if you want to throw in talk about Yom Kippur, why not?  We just Read More


Rootsy.com: Getting in Touch with Your Roots via Social Networking


This week I was asked to try out a new social networking site called Rootsy.com.  As soon as I discovered that it was a genealogy tool and a way to track my family history, I was instantly intrigued. My mother's cousin, Bill Israel, has gone to great lengths to track her family's history and has traced it back to the 1700s.  He has documented all his findings and they are astounding. Our family started with a patriarch named Solomon Israel, who came to America from Amsterdam and declared "I am named Solomon and I am Jewish" when he arrived.  However, Read More


A Mother’s Fight: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Eight weeks of waiting. That's what mothers in Lesotho, in Southern Africa, face when waiting for HIV results for their children. Poor roads and lack of transportation mean not only a horrendous delay in relaying lab results, but many mothers never return to the clinic to learn if their baby is HIV positive. Without treatment, half of these HIV-positive infants won't live to see their second birthday. Mobile phones are the perfect solution to this tragic problem. For mere pennies health workers can send test results via text messages. Thousands of Read More


Dear Mrs. Gordon: Notes on Our Road Trip By My 9 Year-Old

I had to post my nine year-old daughter's letter to her teacher.  Be aware: there are typos, many of them.  She typed this on my lap top and had me edit but I didn't have the heart to make every correction.  We've been back from our trip for two weeks, so I'm very impressed that she remembered so much about our trip and I would definitely qualify it a success in terms of what she learned.  But the last line is VERY funny and you have to read to the end. Dear Mrs. Gordon, During the summer I went on a road trip to Atlanta we went through New Read More


Twitter Therapy

When I started having kids, I honestly had no idea how much my life was going to change.  I went from living a fancy-free life living in Manhattan with just myself and husband to look after to living in the suburbs with a life full of strollers, diaper bags and car seats.  I was about to quit the job I loved due to raging hormones and enter into a world joining a group of women in a playgroup who talked about nothing other than cutting our babies' nails and nap time. I was never a mom who loved playground banter. I spent the next few years struggling Read More


Kicking Childhood Obesity with Tips from the Experts

Yesterday my kids and I attended a press event that addressed the crisis of physical inactivity among America's youth at the U.S. Open here in New York.  To highlight the importance of healthy, active lifestyles and unveil a set of essential elements for increasing the quality and quantity of youth physical activity programming in America, the United States Tennis Association (USTA), in collaboration with the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), hosted the event.  It's a partnership with Michelle Obama's Let's Move initiative and featured U.S. Read More


Dreaming of NYC


I spent some of my pivotal years living and working in NYC on the Upper West Side.  I moved to NYC at the age of 24 and vowed never to leave.  I loved walking out of my building into city life.  I loved everything about it and rarely complained about the high price of living, particularly when I was making a mere 23K in my first job as an assistant.  I thought I would never leave.  I was home. Fast forward to now.  I've been living in the suburbs for the last 10 years. Don't ask me how that is possible.  Granted, I live only 15 miles from the city and Read More