The Iron Lady, an Anti-Feminist Film?

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher Photo Credit: Alex Bailey / Courtesy of Pathe Productions Ltd

In the movie The Iron Lady, there is one line in particular that stands out in my memory.  "I don't want to die washing the dishes," Margaret Thatcher said that to her soon to be husband in the midst of his marriage proposal.  I sat there nodding my head, thinking that she and I had a lot in common. Directed by Phyllida Lloyd, a British writer and director, and written by Abi Mogran, two women, I had high hopes that this film would take me through the journey of how one woman in the UK transformed herself into one of the most well-known politicians Read More


Unbalance by Ann Imig

Ann Imig

This is the first entry in my new series "I Don't Know How She Does It," written by Ann Imig, a stay-at-home humorist and the National Director of Listen to Your Mother (LTYM). In some overwhelmed moments, I still wish I could just be content with the privilege of affording to stay home raising my kids.  I wish that the business of mothering could fulfill me completely, because my five and seven-year-old boys' baby days are bygone, and their childhoods feel fleeting. I already have to bribe my boys for hugs. Kisses are completely off-limits. Read More


Giveaway: Affordable Theater Begins January 18th in NYC


Looking for inexpensive tickets to high-quality children’s plays in New York City?  Look no further.  20at20 is a two week theatre promotion offering tickets to Off-Broadway shows for $20 to the public twenty minutes before curtain time between January 18th - February 6th. In the spirit of NYC's Restaurant Week comes 20at20, your chance to see the Best of Off-Broadway for only $20! TWENTY DAYS ONLY!  It's your chance to catch up with shows you may have missed, get a sneak peek at the next big show, or revisit a favorite - all for only $20 each. The Read More


Kicking Off a New Series: I Don’t Know How She Does It

Working moms

There’s a heck of a lot to project manage when you’re a mom and I’ll be the first to vouch for that.   Combine everything you have to do for the family at home with work and you have a recipe for chaos.  But I’m not necessarily knocking this chaos.  Just a year ago, I wrote “To Work or Not to Work” over at ScaryMommy.com where I voiced my regret about leaving my full time job when my first child was born.  That post garnered 90 comments, and I loved reading every single one.  Most women applauded my honesty and some knocked for me not enjoying my time at Read More


MamaDrama NY: A Business is Born


Last summer I was watching CBS Sunday Morning when a segment called “Welcome to the Blogosphere” came on the air.  It featured Robert Diamond, founder of BroadwayWorld.com, the largest theatrical site in the world.  A huge fan of theater, Broadway and everything that comes along with it, I emailed him that night on a lark, stating my interest in forming a relationship with his site and my personal blog, TheCultureMom.com, a site dedicated to connecting the parent market to theatre, arts and culture – you know, the stuff you often give up after kids come Read More


Review: Wendy and the Lost Boys by Julie Salamon

wendy wasserstein

I'll never forget when I first saw Uncommon Women and Others.  I was in college at the University of Georgia when it was performed and I was introduced to Wendy Wasserstein's playwriting.  The characters in the show keep postponing their age by which they will be "pretty fucking amazing."  The goal seems both impossible to define and unattainable.  "I keep a list of options," says Holly, the main character at the end of the show.  "Just from today's lunch, there's law, insurance, marry Leonard Woolf, have a baby, birdwatch in Bolivia.  A myriad of Read More


Our Winter Family Getaway to the Hamptons

Panoramic View and Residence

  We recently spent a few nights in Montauk.  I know what you're thinking.  Why go there in the winter time?  What could there possibly be to do?  Well, we were thinking the same thing at first, but our love for the area won out and we decided to spend part of our winter break there. We headed to the Panoramic View Resort & Residences  where we stayed in an oceanfront room in one their beach cottages.  We stayed in a one bedroom suite which has a separate living room with a sofa bed.  It has a small kitchen with a refrigerator and stove top Read More


Review and Discount Code: The Amazing Max and the Box of Interesting Things


On Christmas Eve, we made our way into the city to catch The Amazing Max and The Box of Interesting Things at the Manhattan Movement & Arts Center. We had seen Freckleface Strawberry two weeks prior at the same theater, and my son, also named Max, was eager to return to catch his namesake performing magic. The Amazing Max is a young, eclectic magician who declares himself as psychic at the show's start.  After every magic trick, he asks that the audience shout out "AMAZING!" He utilizes audience participation to the max during the course of the Read More


My Personal and Professional Achievements in 2011

come closer

At the end of last year I wrote about how social media had opened doors for me that I never imagined would open.  This year, that continued and there were many wonderful opportunities that presented themselves as a result of my work.  To name a few: *My work at Ruckus Media Group has continued to thrive and I have been able to oversee their campaign as a partner of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  For the last six weeks, we have donated a portion of sales to children who need it most and I am very proud of our work. *I launched a company Read More


My Pop Culture Best of List 2011


Here's a short top 10 of my richest pop cultural experiences of 2011: Best Movies: I loved that my son enjoyed the dazzling film directed by Martin Scorcese, Hugo, just as much as I did. A long time fan of Woody Allen, I adored Midnight in Paris and found it just as compelling and genuine as some of his early films.  I saw it in a Brooklyn film house with other longtime Woody Allen fans and it was one of my most memorable cinematic experiences of the year.  I laughed out loud with all the ladies of the hit movie Bridesmaids and am thrilled that Read More