Minted: Design Your Own Stationary with Art from Around the World

A few weeks ago came across a new line of stationary that caught my eye instantly.  You have to understand that I am not typically into design - I tend to buy a lot of Hallmark cards.  I have never really discovered a line that excited me.  But this card made me linger and want to explore the line futher: A totally new concept for me has come into my life: Indie stationary.  Made by a company called Minted, a design-your-own stationery site, these pieces of stationary are made by designers all over the world, in 43 countries.  Minted believes that Read More


Review: Ghost on Broadway: Nostalgic and Tech All in One

Remember Ghost, the 1990 Oscar-winning movie starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg?  It was definitely one of my favorite movies back in the day.  I never would have expected to be converted into a play, but after seeing it I can tell why it has.  It has a beautiful love story and is full of suspense. The music for the show was written by the collaborative team of Dave Stewart (half of the Eurythmics), Grammy-winner Glen Ballard, and Oscar-winning scribe Bruce Joel Rubin.  They're a first-time song-writing team.  The musical hit the Read More


Pool Time: From Then to Now

I just read my friend's post over at her site, The New York Mom, both laughing and commiserating. It's called "Not Another Day at the Pool" about her extreme dislike for going to the pool daily with her young daughter.  She talks about the pain and tedium of the routine and says: Lily loves the pool and I LOVE seeing her so happy and that is my prize and my salvation for enduring the pool on the daily.  BUT…My skin turns 50 shades darker, I have this skin condition that leaves patches all over my neck and back because of the sun and that gets activated Read More


FREE Israeli Concerts at Lincoln Center Out of Doors This Summer

I love Lincoln Center.  I used to live 4 blocks away and imagine how much time THE CULTURE MOM spent there.  You honest would never guess.  Every summer they bring Lincoln Center Out of Doors (running July 25th-August 12th) which features 100 free performances across the plazas of Lincoln Center) and I used to go there and soak in music from around the world for FREE (aahh, the pleasures of living in NYC, there are so many!). This year the festival is bringing noted Israeli musical artists are scheduled to perform throughout the Festival. For a complete Read More


You Can’t Stop Time. But You Sure Can Enjoy Yourself.

It was the early 1990s and I was doing some work at my university's radio station.  Every morning I announced the the morning headlines at precisely 6:45 am, and I had to get there early enough to check the AP wires and figure out the day's headlines (don't ask me how I woke up).  Before and after my broadcast, and every chance I got, I'd listen to the station.  It was a mix of alternative, rock and classic music, most of it I loved.  It was around that time I got turned on to Jill Sobule, a singer from Denver.  Her songs about adolescence, feminism, Read More


Giveaway: Everything About School almost (NYC show for kids)

Everything About School

Are your kids in full summer mode?  Mine are.  They're going to summer camp and loving it.  Everyday brings new adventures including tie dying shirts, swim lessons, trips to the beach, playing tag in the park, catching fireflies at night, roasting marshmallows on our deck.  We're right smack in the middle of summer and we're not really thinking about school.  But it is mid July and before you know it, we'll be back in the classroom.  I've got the workbooks out preparing my son for second grade and they have reading time daily to keep up their literacy Read More


Don’t Blame Marissa Mayer for Her Decision. It’s Her Choice.

I've been reading all about the hiring of Marissa Mayer, the new CEO of Yahoo, who immediately following the announcement of her new role also announced this on Twitter:           Mayer, 37 years-old, also quickly stated that after her birth in 3 months, she would work through her maternity leave and return to work after three weeks. And then the twitterverse went nuts:               Once again, the "having it all" and Read More


Where You Can Find Me

Every week I try my best to write here on The Culture Mom as much as I can.  It depends what I have to talk about.  You've probably seen my content change recently.  I've been going a little bit more personal and I tend to only cover events, books, movies, plays that I see.  I rarely mention anything that I don't have direct contact with. But there's also my free-lance writing.  I have deadlines every week, at least one or two.  I'm not sure if you know, I hope you do, that I do a lot of travel writing for several sites as a regular contributor and I Read More


Exploring the Life of Martin Luther King with My Kids in Atlanta, GA

When I was growing up in Atlanta, GA, I was taught to emulate Martin Luther King, Jr.  He was a man who never backed down fighting against racism and he  dedicated his life to achieving equality and justice for all Americans of all colors.  I was highly aware of who he was and how much he had changed the world I was growing up in. I want my children to have the same knowledge, so on our recent trip to Atlanta, I took them for a visit to the King Center, an amazing museum dedicated to his life and work.  The complex which spreads over a few blocks Read More


Review: Margaret by Writer-Director Kenneth Lonergan

Yesterday I was fortunate to receive an envelope with a Blu-ray inside: MARGARET,  the long awaited follow up to two-time Academy Award nominee Kenneth Lonergan's critically acclaimed debut feature You Can Count on Me, a movie that resonated with me on so many levels. It was the never-before-seen extended cut.  Fortunately, I'm a bit of a movie buff and I immediately understood the fortitude of this gift.  As soon as my kids went to bed, I popped into the DVD player and let the movie begin so I could find out what all the hype of this film is.  I had Read More