LTYM NYC 2012: All This and So Much More

LIsten to Your Mother

It's been two days since Listen to Your Mother hit the NYC stage.  After weeks and weeks of working on the show's logistics, from finding a non-profit to support... to helping to cast the show to finding rehearsal space... to securing sponsorships... to scouting a location for the cast party, I put my heart and soul into bringing this show to life. I enjoyed every waking minute of it and nourished the experience.  Words can not even express how grateful I was to be a part of it.  I kept thinking that the chance of ever working on a NYC stage production Read More


Saving Children with Nutrition, Breastfeeding and More

Screen shot 2012-05-07 at 7.04.09 PM

Have you ever wondered the best place to be a mom in the entire world? How about the worst? Save the Children’s thirteenth State of the World’s Mothers report shows Niger as the worst place to be a mother in the world  - replacing Afghanistan for the first time in two years. Norway comes in at first place.  The Best and Worst Places to Be a Mom ranking, which compares 165 countries around the globe, looks at factors such as a mother's health, education and economic status, as well as critical child indicators such as health and nutrition. Let's Read More


Join Me and The Motherhood to talk THE POWER OF HABIT

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      Award-winning New York Times business reporter Charles Duhigg is joining THE MOTHERHOOD to talk about his critically acclaimed new book The Power of Habit and how understanding habits is the key to exercising regularly, losing weight, raising exceptional children, becoming more productive, and more. And they've invited me to co-host! Here are the details: When: Tuesday, May 8, from 1-1:30 p.m. ET. Where: On The Motherhood, right here - http://bit.ly/IYMxOf Who: The all-text chat will be hosted by the Read More


Being in the Moment at Mom 2.0

Mom 2.0 Summit

I just got back from Mom 2.0.  I spent the last few days with women from all over the country, gathered to celebrate working moms and the power of the written word and social media.  For two days we listened to speakers talk about how we can make a difference using our influence, using our voice, using our intentions.  My heart is full, my mind spinning.  I met and heard from some of my own personal blogging heroes and got to spend quality time with some many of my virtual turned IRL friends.  I can't say enough about these virtues and significance of Read More


Getting Ready for the Big Day: Listen to Your Mother

Listen to Your Mother

On Sunday, the cast and crew of the NYC production of Listen to Your Mother gathered at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center for a final rehearsal.  We hadn't met in over a month and the excitement and wonder had been building since we last met and connected in a small theater on the Upper West Side back in February.  We had been communicating on a private Facebook page since we came together and you could sense the anticipation of our meeting virtually well before we came together again.  I think we were all walking on air all the way to the theater Read More


Review: Dear Daughter: The Best of the Dear Leta Letters by Heather Armstrong

Dear Daughter

Time has never flown faster than these last nine years since I became a mother.  Sometimes when I try to remember certain parts of my children's early years, it's hard.  The memories are getting blurrier and blurrier, and they are still quite young. That's why I really enjoyed reading Heather Armstrong’s “Dear Daughter: The Best of the Dear Leta Letters”.  It took me back in time to a time that was unlike anything I had ever experienced.  I read the book on a plane and spent the next hour and a half dreaming about my first child and what it was like Read More


Six Degrees of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


Sculpture of Danny Thomas, the founder of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Ahh, the power of social media/social good.  If you haven't figured out how important it is, and how important the relationships you make online are, you will like this story. My relationship with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital all started with a simple blogger event at Build a Bear in NYC last year. I wrote about an event that inspired me to no end nearly a year ago today. The occasion was for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s  launch of its  Cause for Read More


Do Women Want to be Submissives? A Look at Fifty Shades of Grey

50 shades of grey

On a recent trip to London, I took a trip to my favorite UK bookstore, Waterstone's, and roamed the shelves. As I searched for books to bring home that I can't get in the U.S., a book caught my eye that I had been hearing a lot about.  Yes, Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James.  I had been following the talk about this book for some time and quickly swept up a copy of the book and brought it back to the U.S. But I have a confession.  I had heard the words "porn" and "bondage" in passing but really didn't know what I was getting myself into.  I'm a mom Read More


Simplify Your Life with Fresh Direct and a Giveaway ($50 gift card)

Fresh Direct

One of the best parts of Associate Producing the upcoming NYC show Listen to Your Mother is finding out about companies and brands that I need to know about to simplify my life. As a working mom, I am always seeking a way to ease the demands of everyday life...and save money. So, when Fresh Direct agreed to become a major sponsor for Listen To Your Mother, I listened when the crew began calculating how much they had collectively spent using this delivery service. They are such big fans that the total was more than $20,000. Seriously, my ears and eyes Read More


Review: Dark, Twisted and Intriguing Venus in Fur

Screen shot 2012-04-23 at 12.21.24 AM

David Iver's Venus in Fur is one of the most intense 90 minutes of showtime I've experienced in some time.  It starts out as what appears to be an innocent, unplanned audition.  As the two main characters are acting out a dramatization of the 1870s novella “Venus in Furs,” by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the story takes a sudden turn and involves revenge, S&M and torture. Nina Arianda plays Vanda, the actress auditioning for the lead role, and Hugh Dancy plays the playwright, Thomas.  The two of them have an interesting chemistry, although their Read More