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This Mother's Day, it's important to remind ourselves how special every day of the year is.  But it's also important to remember that not every mother around the world is as lucky.  There are mothers living with HIV.  It's easy to forget about them.  Life gets busy.  But they need our help. That's why the campaign I'm about to tell you about is important and it's an easy campaign to slip into your celebration this year. Mothers2Mother's puts mothers living with HIV are at the center of their efforts to eliminate pediatric AIDS and keep families and Read More


My Take on the “Mommy Business Trip” Piece

I know I'm rather late to respond to the ridiculous article “The Mommy Business Trip: Conferences Appeal to Women with a Guilt-Free, Child-Free Reason to Leave Home” that ran in the Wall Street Journal a few days ago and you've probably read countless articles featuring other opinions.  But I haven't had a chance until now to respond. Why? I was on a business trip. So, I read the article with great interest at the start, but by the end of the article, I was mortified. Especially when I saw the graphic accompanying the article (see above). The Read More


Planning a Girlfriend Trip to Asia: Motherhood and Wanderlust

  I currently have a 3-part series over at a wonderful site called Go Girlfriend. The first part debuted last week and it was about the planning and thinking process that went into my trip before I left. Why did I want to travel without my family and how was my decision perceived.  It's all in this piece. Here's a snapshot: Every time we told people we were heading on a solo adventure, they immediately assumed we were traveling on business or were having a mid-life crisis. How could I not be traveling with my husband, they asked? Why is Read More


Parenting Without Borders

parenting without borders

Do you ever compare your parenting skills to others? Are you one of those people who pays close attention to how parents around the world are parenting differently? Are you surprised to hear when different skills from across the globe can help or transform your own? Culture Mom Media is thrilled to be teaming up with the author of Parenting Without Borders: Surprising Lessons Parents Around the World Can Teach Us by Christine Gross-Loh. In her book, she takes readers on a multicultural tour of the world’s best parenting practices – from Finland, Read More


Help Make a Childs Wish Come True on World Wish Day, April 29th

If you ever wonder how you can change a child's life from the seat in your living room, I have a few ideas for you. I first became aware of the Make-a-Wish Foundation about 15 years ago when I was working at at MTV/Nickelodeon.  A colleague of mine was very active with the cause and I knew that her work with the organization was making a real difference in children's lives.  Their work enriches the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions through its wish-granting work. Make-A-Wish was founded in 1980 after a little boy named Chris Read More


Review: The Nance – Infectious Vaudeville

the nance

After submerging myself into new mommydom, I feel as though my brain stirred for the first time in 6.75 months.  This is by no means the fault of the city in which I live or the people in my life, by the way.  A night out at Lincoln Center Lyceum Theater's latest production, THE NANCE , opened my eyes to the hypocrisy of the time, the joy of the burlesque, and the search for love in the automat.  And of course, who doesn’t love a cheesy vaudeville skit and pasties? This is the first time my brain has been tickled in months and I loved the constant Read More


Feeling Lost in Suburbia

lost in suburbia

I left NYC for the suburbs over ten years ago. I was a real city girl.  You couldn't get me to leave town if you tried. On weekends, I was off to Central Park, to the theater, to hear poetry slams. to eat sushi and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Then I met my husband, we danced around town for four years, got married, got pregnant and decided our one-bedroom on the Upper West Side was too small. We knew it was time to leave the city. However, I didn't really think about the major changes that lied ahead of me.  Life was about to change Read More


Boston: A New Reality and Talking to Your Children

save the children boston

We were traveling when we found out about the events that unfolded yesterday in Boston.  Every chance we got, we took a look at the news on our phones and caught glimpses of television sets airing the news in the airport.  Images of 9/11 instantly came to our minds as we registered each loss of life and it was too hard to fathom.  We lived in NYC in 2001, so these memories are still very real and vivid. One of my friends lost a husband, another lost a sister and many skirted death by a matter of minutes (one was late for work, another was late for a job Read More


Because life’s like that.

Deborah Copaken Kogan

This week I read a brilliant article by Deborah Copaken Kogan, a well-known writer and feminist.  I was attracted to the title of the article about her so-called post feminist life “Life in Arts and Letters”.  It immediately brought to mind the TV show with almost the same name that I relished in the 1990s and I was curious what Kogan had to say about her life as a feminist. And her piece hit me like a bomb.  As I am sure it hit the whole of the Internet. I read how it hit the writers at Women & Hollywood and Jezebel hard – 17,000 shares on Read More


Giveaway: American Girl’s The Body Book for Girls (5 copies)

My daughter turned 10 today and we are entering the dark abyss of what could be tough conversations about her changing body.  I want to teach her to make the right dietary choices, explain that growing hair under her armpits, teach her about hygiene and teach her to know what to expect when she's not expecting all these changes to transpire at some point in the next few years. There are also social pressures and situations that could impact her body image and self-esteem and I want her to understand and take them full on when they occur. When I got a Read More