The Road to BlogHer 2012

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It's hard to believe that BlogHer 2012 will be here in a few weeks.  It feels like yesterday that I was in San Diego for last year's convention.  Seriously, people, where does the time go? I just re-read the post I wrote when I got home to get a feel of what I got out of BlogHer last year.  Here are some of my random thoughts that I jotted down: I went armed with a schedule, a list of contacts to look out for and a plan.  I was also representing my company, so I had that very much in mind.  I received a lot of private invitations to events that Read More


Feeling PigeonHoled by the Term “Mommy Blogger”


Have you ever had a moment when someone you've never met, someone you don't even know says something you don't like to your face, and words come gushing into your heart but you hold them in? Today I was at a media event attended many people I know when a stranger, apparently a blogger herself, came up to me and asked, "Are you a mommy blogger"?  Actually, she asked the small group of us. Something inside me set off.  I was annoyed.  This honestly doesn't happen that often. You can call me Mommy, and you can be call me a blogger.  I am both of Read More


A List of Favorite Jewish Films, Inside and Out

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When I polled a group of friends recently about their favorite Jewish films, I got a beautiful mishmash of responses.  This is to be expected - you always get the usual suspects like Fiddler's Roof, but you also get a list of comedies that touch on the Jewish experience from writers and directors like Woody Allen and Nora Ephron.  Most have incredible heart and have left a mark on our minds for our entire lives. Because in these movies we discover our people's histories and learn more about ourselves by watching.  Films don't have to be overtly Read More


Review: To Rome with Love

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Last night, as we were getting comfortable in our seats right before a showing of Woody Allen's latest film, To Rome with Love, an usher strolled down the aisle to make an announcement: "Welcome, everyone.  You're about to see something by Woody Allen.  I'm sure it's not as good as his earlier work.  But hey - you paid for it." My husband and I laughed.  Personally, I never care about the reviews of Woody's films, nor do I tend to disagree with the negative feedback.  I've seen every single one of his films and pretty much loved them all.  They are Read More


Living Away from Family

Red Phone Booths

While reading my good friend, Squashed Mom's blog (a must read if not on your radar) today about how she spent July 4th with her cousins, I felt tears slowly come out of my eyes and drip on the keyboard. Her post was about how she spent July 4th with her cousins and close family, mainly out of necessity ( to visit an ill relation) but the day turned into a reunion and celebration of their love for each other with a visit to the beach.  I cried for the family that lives far away, for the reunions and celebrations that we can't have very often. I moved Read More


Summer in NYC: Bronx Zoo’s Wild (LEGO) Forest


  Over at the Savvy Source, I write all about life in NYC with kids.  Check out my latest post on Best Spots for a Summer Picnic. A few weeks ago, I featured the Bronx Zoo in a piece about NYC From A to Z where I called it "one of the world's largest metropolitan where parents and children can spend hours gazing at over 600 species from around the world." It's all that and more.  This summer,take your kids to the Bronx Zoo's Wild Forest to check out giant LEGO sculptures of tigers, flamingos, gorillas, and other exotic wildlife, then visit their Read More


Film Review: Katy Perry: Part of Me, The Movie

katy perry part of me

Last night my daughter and I were invited to a special preview showing of Katy Perry: Part of Me, The Movie in my old neighborhood in NYC.  As we headed in right after camp and swim lessons, refreshed and ready for a night on the town, I could sense her excitement.  And I was pretty excited, too.  For me, Katy Perry is a throw back to the music I liked when I was her age - Blondie, Bananarama, even Weird Al Yancovic with all her crazy costumes and wigs.  She's what I consider to be my guilty pleasure - music that I groove out while driving the car, music Read More


Bringing Anne Frank into the Modern World

anne frank

On my recent visit to Atlanta, my mother told me about an ongoing exhibit sponsored by the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust, Anne Frank in the World.  A long-time admirer of what her name has done to raise the profile about the truth of the Holocaust, I immediately Googled it and discovered it’s the world’s largest Anne Frank Exhibit.  I thought about taking my children, as my daughter recently read an easy version of the diary and is keenly interested in Anne Frank and her fate, but I decided that at ages 7 and 9, they are still too young to face the Read More


A MishMash of Thoughts on Doing it All, Special Needs and Summertime

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"I think you're closer to Max since you've been here," my mom said to me after a week long visit in her house. Right when school ended, we came down south for a week to stay with my mother.  My goal was to spend time with her during a much needed healing process and to place my kids in the camp I grew up in. When we arrived, his behavior was up and down.  Sporadic. Unpredictable. We were both not sure if he would wake up on the right side of bed to go to camp or whether he would lay there for an hour and struggle to dress, eat breakfast and leave Read More


Atlanta with Kids: Geyser Towers at Stone Mountain (and more)

Geyser Towers

On our current visit to Atlanta, I am trying to take my kids to places we have yet to explore, so when I received an invitation to check out the new Geyser Towers at Stone Mountain, I was thrilled.  Born and raised in Atlanta, I am always eager to revisit places and attractions that I loved as a child, and Stone Mountain was one of them.  I have vivid memories of climbing the mountain to the summit, watching the dazzling lazer show at night, picnics with my family on park benches, heading to the park's beach and water slides.  I was eager to visit this Read More