Review: The Heiress on Broadway

The Heiress

Last night I headed into the city after a long day with the kids for drinks with a friend for a show, The Heiress on Broadway.  This is a show based on the 1880 book by Henry James, Washington Square, a film I saw a decade ago starring Jennifer Jason Leigh.  The story has remained etched in my mind all these years about a shy and sheltered daughter of a prominent New Yorker who falls in love with a man with no scruples or real interest in her beyond her wealth.  I also remember vividly the film version with Olivia DeHavilland and Montgomery Clift, Read More


A New Mindful Mindset #Newtown

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As I sit here and watch Anderson Cooper profile one child after another killed so senselessly in Newtown, CT last week, I feel my heart filling up with tears. Each day since last Friday has been one of sadness for twenty sets of parents who have to learn how to go on without their children and it's been so hard to get them out of my mind. Life will never be the same.  Not for me, not for any of us.  I'm reminded of the shooting daily when I drop my kids off at school and set my eyes on one, sometimes, two police cars, and spot them again on the days Read More


This is 40-Something (and Mid-Life Crisis Giveaway)

This is 40

In This is 40, the female character played by Leslie Mann is about to turn 40. But she's not ready.  At a doctor's appointment, a nurse asks her to clarify her age.  She wrote that she was born in 1972, 1974 and 1976 on different forms. After the nurse, an aid and the doctor drill her to tell the truth, she declares, "OK, I LIE ABOUT MY AGE." She doesn't want to shop at old lady stores like Ann Taylor Loft (oy vey, that's my regular). Unfortunately, she can't lie at the gyno.  His response: "I know how old you are.  I'm counting your rings!" Of course, Read More


A Letter to Judd Apatow


Dear Mr. Apatow: Tonight I took a break from the sadness I have felt since the shootings in Sandy Hook to see your new film "This is 40". I looked forward to what I knew would be a slice of life, with Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann playing two parts of a couple resembling my real life coupledom. And indeed it was.  You put my life on the screen! I was glad to step out of the zone I have spiraled in since the shootings and I was grateful for the break.  However, this is not a film review.  That will come here on this blog later this week.  Instead I want to Read More


Trying to Make Sense of the Senseless

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Ever since the news broke on Friday morning about the awful tragedy in Newtown, I haven't been able to find the words to write here or elsewhere. The world has had twenty beautiful, innocent children taken from our world well before their time and I can't get their faces out of their minds.  Yesterday at the basketball court, they were standing before me getting ready to join my son in a game of scrimmage.  Today at Hebrew School, they were standing in the corner, clueless that their lives were about to be senselessly cut short. As I look at and Read More


Eddie Redmayne’s Romeo & Juliet Moment in Les Misérables

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Eddie Redmaybe may become a household name after the release of Les Misérables, but he is certainly not new on the entertainment scene.  At a recent press conference for the film, it was clear that he saw this role as the chance of a lifetime. He discovered Les Misérables long before Hooper’s film was on his radar.  “I saw the show as a child, and I obsessed about being Gavroche.  As a nine-year-old, I wanted to be the street urchin jumping in and out of barricades.”  He was beyond thrilled when he landed the part of Marius, the politically engaged Read More


How My Tween Found Her Inner Strength at Broadway Edge


Last week my daughter and I headed into the city for a very special afternoon at Broadway Edge, a studio where children are trained to learn to master the art of auditioning. Led by two industry professionals, they chose Annie on Broadway as their chosen musical to teach about 15 kids how to master a real Broadway audition. I wasn't sure what to expect, mainly because my daughter is very shy.  I don't mean very shy, I mean VERY shy.  Just this past week, I gently pushed the idea of her auditioning for the school musical and she refused. Imagine her in Read More


The Real @RealHughJackman

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In a recent Q&A with the cast of Les Misérables, Anne Hathaway turned to the audience of journalists and said to them quite sternly, "I don't want you to walk out and be charmed by Hugh Jackman.  What he does is inspiring and he's our leader - a deep, serious, profoundly gifted actor." To that Hugh turned to everyone and said "I'll shut up then." Thankfully he didn't. But it gave credence to his twitter handle @realhughjackman, that is for sure. But wait.  There is more.  As if he didn't already seem like the nicest man alive, then he Read More


Hugh Jackman Compares Les Mis to NYC Random Act of Kindness

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A few weeks ago NYC media embraced the story when New York City Police officer Lawrence DePrimo gave a barefoot homeless man a pair of boots. The story went viral and within a day the story had been viewed 1.6 million times, and by the following morning had drawn nearly 350,000 "likes" and 85,000 "shares" – and was a hot topic of discussion on morning television. During a Q&A with the cast of Les Misérables, Hugh Jackman said his character Valjean reminds him of Lawrence DePrimo.  They both undergo a transformation and spiritual change and he Read More


Les Misérables – The Timeless Story Goes Celluloid (and Giveaway)

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I saw Les Misérables well before its release and it has been difficult keeping quiet.  There has been so much buzz about this movie. Everyone wants to know how the cast and crew pulled off a remake of the longest running show on Broadway in our history.  I've heard various reactions since the screening.  I know people who loved it and I actually know people who hated it. I know there are members of the Broadway community who are fuming that the likes of Anne Hathaway won the role of Fantine and I'm curious to hear their opinions after they see the film. Read More