Guest Post: Walking the Green Carpet: Epic Movie Premiere


  Last Saturday my family and I had the opportunity to walk the green carpet at the Epic movie premiere in New York City. It was exciting to witness all the production it takes to put on a premiere. I'm sure you've all heard about Epic by now. It is a 3D CG adventure comedy from the creators of Ice Age and Rio. Epic explores the battle between good and evil and how it effects the natural world. The story unfolds as a teenage girl finds herself shrunk in a magical land that is right in her own backyard. She teams up with a crew of nature Read More


Invest in Women Who Can Change the World

Indego Africa

If you are looking for an innovative way to help women succeed around the world, this may be the project for you. Indego Africa is an award-winning, design-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit social enterprise that lifts women-owned businesses in Rwanda toward sustainable economic independence through access to markets and education. They provide opportunities for women in difficult circumstances to not only meet their families' basic needs but also acquire skills that enhance long-term earning potential.  Indego Africa's mission is to help each artisan Read More


Celebrating ANN, the Ann Richards play!


  During the next Culture Mom Media party, we'll celebrate Ann Richards’ life, legacy and lessons for the future as seen in ANN, the critically acclaimed new play now on Broadway. Written and performed by Emmy® Award winner Holland Taylor of "Two and a Half Men",  ANN is the inspiring and hilarious new play which takes a revealing look at Ann Richards, the impassioned woman who enriched the lives of her followers, friends and family. Ann Richards was a loyal wife and mother before becoming Governor of the State of Texas. Once in power, she Read More




Standing in line at airline security this morning, I met a young guy wearing a backpack.  Apparently eager for conversation, he asked where I was headed. I told him New York and he said he was headed to San Diego.  On a one-way ticket.  Never coming back. Me:  “Do it now, while you’re young.  Life gets more complicated as you get older.” Him: “Yeah, I decided it was time.  40 is sneaking up on me.” He looked about 20-something, I wasn’t sure. Me: “Make these moves while you can. Once you have responsibilities, like a family, it will only get Read More


When Mom Goes Away


I've been away from home  a lot more than usual the last few weeks. I've been traveling with a client and have really cranked up the air miles, traveling to Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Charlotte and Washington, DC. The timing collided with the start of a new job for my husband, so I knew it would prove difficult for him.  It also coincided with a show I was producing, Listen to Your Mother.  But the bulk of my priorities remained at home as the primary caretaker, and I needed to plan to be away for days at a time. Now I'm on the last leg of the tour, Read More


Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk and Save a Life

moonwalk cancer

  Last year I came face to face with a form of cancer that struck a close family member.  It was not breast cancer, it was lung cancer.  For the first time in my life, I was hit with the awful reality that I could potentially lose this person, the single most important person in my life.  I was faced with the fact that it would spread like fire, even after it was removed, which it was. Now this family member and I live in fear that it could come back, and it's not a pleasant way to live.  We will live like this for the next five years until Read More


NewYork.com: A Great Resource for Navigating NYC

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 1.12.45 PM

New York City is a vast metropolis with lots of nooks and crannies, and a plethora of things to see and do. No matter if you have lived in or around the city for years or have visited hundreds of times, there is still some aspect of New York left to discover. For those who have never been to the city, the sheer vastness of it can seem overwhelming. Figuring out where to start and what are the things that you cannot miss as opposed to the things that you shouldn't is fairly complex. Attempting to be a resource for both the returning visitor and the Read More


A Day at LEGOLAND Westchester (with Planning TIps)


  A few years ago, we spent a day at LEGOLAND when we were in San Diego, and my then very young kids loved spending time in the mega-brand's theme park.  That was 3 years ago, and they're older but who outgrows Legos? So when I heard that there was a new LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester, I was intrigued and excited to take them on a recent half-day of school. My son has never been a huge LEGO freak, but I knew once he got there, he'd be into it. My daughter is open-minded and she's not bothered by gender-specific activities but LEGOLAND has taken Read More


Give Moms a Thought this Mother’s Day

every mother counts

  Pregnancy is the number one cause of death for women ages 15 - 19 in the developing world. This is not myth, it is fact. And we can help. Christy Turlington Burns, the founder of Every Mother Counts (ENC), is a great example of someone who has seized the opportunity to further the cause of preventing maternal deaths around the world and her organization has created a new campaign that she hopes to further her cause not just now, but all year long called "Give Mom a Thought". Remember when your Mom said, “It’s the thought that counts,” Read More


Giveaway: Listen to Your Mother on Mother’s Day in NYC

listen to your mother

  What are you doing on Mother's Day?  I have a brilliant idea for you. Spend the morning and early afternoon with your family. Make the day about them and you and celebrate being together.  At 4pm tell them you are taking a few hours to yourself.  You will be doing something for YOU. As part of your celebration, it's important for you to nourish your soul with a certain something that isn't necessarily meant for kids under the age of 12, hence you need to go alone, or with your mother, your sisters, your aunts, your girlfriends  That certain Read More