What the Westchester Jewish Film Festival Has in Store for Kids


The other night, it was Sunday, I ventured to the Westchester Jewish Film Festival at Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville to catch a showing of Everything is Copy, a documentary about one of my favorite writers and filmmakers, Nora Ephron. I could have easily just stayed at home and watched it on HBO, but the thought of watching it with other Ephron fans and getting to hear from her son, Jacob Bernstein, who made the film, was too enticing. And it was truly a great decision. The film was engaging - he was engaging - and I went home with an open Read More


Being Supported By and Supporting Women


I'm a consultant. Therefore, I work with a mix of people. On a daily basis, my world consists of phone calls and emails. I juggle one task after another yet ultimately accomplish what I want for each individual client. Some days I work well into the evening, but my hours are my own, and the work always gets done. There is one topic I know a lot about: Being supported by and supporting women. Right now I'm working on several different projects - from a United Nations NGO to a global summit to a bilingual resource for children to promoting an Read More


Falling in Love with My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2


When I got invited to screen My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 in advance of its release, I was instantly keen. After all, how would the long-awaited follow-up to the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time fare? Nia Vardalos, its writer, had waited 14 years to bring the film back to audiences. Why? What story would she tell? Would she bring original members of the cast? Would it verge on the ridiculous?  I'm happy to report that it wasn't tacky and that it was quite faithful to its origins. Vardalos brought back either all or most of the original cast, Read More


Review: Bright Star on Broadway


Every now and then comes along a Broadway show that takes me by surprise. I go in to the theater wondering how I will feel when I leave and whether I will recommend it to anyone. Will it sweep me up and transport me into another world where I can escape my daily routine and take me to that faraway dreamy place I hope to land whenever I take in a show? My most recent Broadway experience, Bright Star, did all this but I must admit that it took time to get me there. Written by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell, the show is a bit of a sureal piece of fiction Read More


Why I’m Excited about the Westchester Jewish Film Festival


It's amazing that since I started this blog, I've written about the Westchester Jewish Film Festival nearly every year. It's an event that I look forward to every year. Over the years, I've been inspired by so many films featured in the festival and I honestly wish I could attend every single one. This year’s festival is no exception, featuring a broad range of films including an Israeli horror film, two Latin American Jewish films, music-themed movies, an Elaine May retrospective (with May herself joining IRL on May 31st), and more. It runs March Read More


My 36 Hour Trip to L.A.


Early last week I was invited to Los Angeles for a set visit on one of my favorite TV shows (more on that later!). Despite the fact that we are in the midst of renovations on our home, I'm crazed with work and I'm hosting my daughter's Bat Mitzvah in less that two weeks (did I just say that?), I replied positively. I flew out last night at 6:30pm and I arrive back home tomorrow around 7am. Yes, I will have been gone approximately 36 hours. From NY - L.A. and back... in the blink of an eye. Some people may think that I was crazy to leave everything Read More


What International Women’s Day 2016 Means to Me #IWD2016


  Happy International Women's Day! Today we are celebrating all women and girls around the world who have either helped create where we are today, or will be a part in our future efforts to get us where we want and need to be. As the mother of a young tween girl, I see all my hopes and aspirations and the many opportunities, and pitfalls, she has in her future. It's exciting but it's also frightening. We are so much further than we were 10-20 years ago but we still have so much progress to make. As a feminist, I see the battle continuing in violence Read More


Review: Eclipsed on Broadway


Today I witnessed a very special Broadway play. I use the word "witness" because I feel like I was privy to a story that demanded being told. It's about a group of women in Africa undergoing a very private experience that we otherwise would perhaps never know about...or understand. Danai Gurira’s original drama is about women’s suffering during the Liberian civil wars and it's a one of a kind. It stars Lupita Nyong’o in her Broadway debut, but it's truly an ensemble play in which every actress has a stand out performance playing a woman with her own Read More


Talking with Eddie the Eagle’s Hugh Jackman, Taron Egerton and Ania Sowinski


I'm a sucker for feel good films that make me want to get up and do something.  Some movies have made me feel as though as I could do anything, like Billy Elliot and Shirley Valentine, for example. These movies have a major theme in common - determination and fulfilling life long dreams. I've seen both again and again and have been waiting for another film to come along in the same vein. And along comes Eddie the Eagle - another British film, ironically, like the two mentioned above, and like both films, it's about people from a lower-class background Read More


A NYC Tween Weekend at The Muse, A Kimpton Hotel


Every now and then, my tween and I take time out and head to NYC, a mere 15 miles away from where we live, for a bit of city life. A former urbanite and a Broadway junkie, I often crave the city and there is nothing more fun than experiencing a night in a hotel with my 12 year-old daughter. It gives us a chance to absorb a bit of culture, eat good food and literally take time out, away from our daily routines. Our recent jaunt to the city included a stay at The Muse, A Kimpton Hotel, and it was pretty much perfection. The hotel is centrally located, Read More