Guest Post: Walking the Green Carpet: Epic Movie Premiere


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Last Saturday my family and I had the opportunity to walk the green carpet at the Epic movie premiere in New York City. It was exciting to witness all the production it takes to put on a premiere. I’m sure you’ve all heard about Epic by now. It is a 3D CG adventure comedy from the creators of Ice Age and Rio. Epic explores the battle between good and evil and how it effects the natural world. The story unfolds as a teenage girl finds herself shrunk in a magical land that is right in her own backyard. She teams up with a crew of nature warriors to help them save their world.

Epic comes to theaters everywhere on May 24Th, 2013

My Family at the Premiere of Epic

(Pictured: My Family at the Premiere of Epic)

Take a peek at Epic:

Before the movie began director Chris Wedge addressed the audience and described his dream of making this film a reality. Wedge had attended an art exhibition with author William Joyce. Upon viewing the 100 year old paintings that depicted magical realms in the forest, Wedge was inspired. He recalls, “….there had to be a movie here.” He knew that Blue Sky Studios cutting-edge technology of animation was the right fit. Wedge was so enthusiastic introducing this movie at the premiere. You could see that he was truly proud of his work. Fortunately I got to learn more about him and his work during an interview session that happened after the show.

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During the interview with Chris Wedge, Colin Farrell and Amanda Seyfried I learned more about Wedge’s vision for kids viewing this film. For Wedge, “…the idea behind the movie is that we would go to a place that seems familiar to us, but we would see the magic inside of it.” He would like for children to take a look around outdoors and see it from a different perspective. Maybe even imagine that birds aren’t just chasing each other, but that Leafman and Boggins are fighting. ” There’s magic out there that we just don’t pay attention to.” Colin Farrell agreed and said, ” …if kids want to go out and pick up a rock and see what lies underneath it and put the iPad down for five minutes, happy days, you know?”  Personally, I can’t wait to see Epic again. This time from a different perspective.


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Disclosure: All assets have been provided by 20Th Century Fox. The experience and thoughts are mine.

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  1. My kids are off from school tomorrow and we are going to go see it, can’t wait!

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