Groovey Concert: David Weinstone and The Music for Aardvarks Band at the Jewish Museum

David Weinstone and The Music for Aardvarks Band will perform two concerts for kids at The Jewish Museum on Sunday, January 23 at 11:30 am and 2:00 pm.  These performances will feature never-before-heard songs from the band’s forthcoming album, All I Want!, scheduled for release in March 2011. Families will also hear favorite songs that celebrate being a kid in New York City such as City Kid, Subway, Jack Hammer Joe and Staten Island Ferry, and songs in celebration of nature such as Welcome to the World and Big Old Tree.  David Weinstone, the founder of Music for Aardvarks, explains, “our shows are rockin’, and we try to have as much audience participation as possible. We’ve even had kids come up on stage with us to sing or dance.”

Tickets are $16 per adult; $11 per child; $13 adult Jewish Museum family level member; and $9 child Jewish Museum family level member.  This concert is for children ages 2 to 5.  Adults are asked to accompany their children.  For further information regarding family programs at The Jewish Museum, the public may call 212.423.3337. Tickets for programs at The Jewish Museum can be purchased online at the Museum’s web site.

Music for Aardvarks is the brainchild of the classically trained ex-punk rocker David Weinstone.  His songs, originally written for the Music for Aardvarks classes he founded, reflect and celebrate the lives of children growing up in urban environments, while addressing themes universal to children everywhere.  Wrote Time Out NY Kids, “it’s no exaggeration to say that Weinstone has changed the musical geography of New York .”

I can personally vouch for the band.  My kids are true Aardvarks alumni.  I took them both to Aardvarks at a very young age and the music has stayed with all of us.  To this day, I sing the songs to myself even when there are no kids around.  They describe how I feel about NYC in exactly the right words.

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  1. Thanks for the big kudos! Music for Aardvarks happily exists here in the suburbs as well, thanks to Groove Performing Arts. We offer 30+ classes per week in Larchmont, Tarrytown and Rye. We are also happy to claim Culture Moms’ kids among our alumni! Check out the fun at Findgroove.com.

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