Free Range Family Music: Jim Cosgrove

Jim Cosgrove, known for his “Free Range Family Music,”  releases his new collection of energetic original songs, Swimming in Noodles, on October 5th. With a shake of calypso, a pinch of rockabilly and a whole lot of heart, Cosgrove’s music inspires families to pack a picnic full of joy and dance the day away.

The high-powered sound of Swimming in Noodles marks Cosgrove’s first collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Tor Hyams, who’s also known as the founder of Kidzapalooza and Austin Kiddie Limits. Also, in keeping with a growing trend toward “crowdfunding,” Cosgrove appealed to his fans to help finance the recording and shape the look of the album.

This eighth release from the award-winning Kansas City-based performer serves up a free-flowing bowlful of happy songs with a sunny sound. Some are odes to food: “Spaghetti and Goofballs” (which was inspired by Jim’s “secret” recipe for vegetarian meatballs), “Chips and Salsa” and “Cookie Time.” Other songs, like “Cool Daddy” and “Hang on, Mama,” honor the joys of parenting. Fans will get a glimpse of Cosgrove’s own family life with heartfelt songs like, “Lucky Me,” “Shamrock On,” and “Little Miss Floppy Socks.” There are hints of Jimmy Buffett’s influence in the song about a friendly Guatemalan village named “Huehuetenango.”

Amid the fun, Cosgrove invites listeners to imagine the world beyond their backyards. He was inspired to write the song “Just Like You” after a chance encounter with two musicians from Uganda at a hotel pool. One of them had never been swimming before and told him, “I have seen pictures of people in swimming in pools, and they always had smiles on their faces. Now I know why.” Cosgrove, who also delivers motivational seminars called, “Live Like a Child! Succeed Like a Child,” was delighted by the exhilaration of that child-like moment.

Jim Cosgrove has delighted audiences throughout North America and Europe for more than a decade, including two performances at The White House and over 200 shows each year. Chicago Parent magazine gives Cosgrove “an ‘A’ for interactive fun that gets kids off the couch, and the Kansas City Star calls him “The most intriguing children’s entertainer out there.”This father of two leads the Midwest family music scene as a busy performer and founding president of the Kansas City Jiggle Jam. His young fans often call him “Mr. Stinky Feet” in honor of the hit song from his 1999 album Stinky Feet.

See Jim Cosgrove perform his new song “Cool Daddy” live on KDHX Radio here: http://www.jimcosgrove.com/videos.htm

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