Exploring Tel Aviv with Kids

If you haven’t visited Tel Aviv, you must put it on your list.  It is such a happening city, offering so much variety: great beaches, good shopping, restaurants of all kinds, easy access to all of Israel including Jerusalem in one direction and the north in another.  It’s bustling, absolutely thriving.

Tourism is definitely up, as witnessed by the various accents throughout the city and a decent exchange rate.  The city has changed a lot since my last visit seven years ago, only for the better.  There’s also a lot to do with children, everything from beaches to museums to playgrounds to historical landmarks.

When we first drove in after spending a few days in Jerusalem on this past trip, I immediately noticed how much construction has taken place over the years.  The city is booming, it’s truly a metropolis.  You can’t help but first notice all the motorcycles buzzing through the city.  It’ must be the latest craze and an economical way to get around.  There are coffee shops popping up all over the city.  The Tel Aviv Port has been renovated.  The markets are buzzing.  Whenever you tire of city life, you can just head over to the beaches that line the city on one side and are heaven on earth.

In Jerusalem, we felt a heavy army presence, as well as more of a split between the religious and non-religious sectors.  You don’t feel this in Tel Aviv.  However, just as I felt safe in Jerusalem, I felt equally safe in Tel Aviv.  On our last visit in 2003 right before my daughter was born; there were guards outside every restaurant.  Buses were dangerous.  This is no longer.  We felt incredibly safe.  What a difference 7 years makes, including the fact that I now have a child.  Last time I was in Israel, I was 32 weeks pregnant with my first child.  She went around telling our family and friends that this is her second trip there, even though the first trip was in vitro. 

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