Edible Manhattan – Selfish Taste Buds

Even though logistics are tricky right now as I have very little babysitting, I managed to get a lot out this week for a bit of culture.  On my own, I went to a great concert, an interesting play and with the kids, the Hall of Science.  We also went to China Town for the Lunar New Year, which was a bit of a disaster.  It was crowded, to say the least, and my son is very sensory sensitive (for all the moms who understand what I mean, I applaud you; if you don’t, sorry…).  The crowds were THICK and we found ourselves standing neck to neck for 3 blocks, unable to move.  Nonetheless, I selfishly enjoyed myself as I stood stuck in the crowd, watching the people celebrate, all dressed up as dragons, gaining a better understanding of how the holiday is celebrated.  I sure wish I could go to the parade this Sunday, but my son would be a disaster with the noise and crowds.

Anyway, I managed to get to a few eateries in Manhattan worth mentioning this week:

Before our visit to the Atlantic Theater last weekend, we had Thai food at Spice, 199 8th Avenue in Chelsea.  We were seated immediately and the service, all from Thailand, were very efficient.  We only shared appetizers, some curry puffs, dumplings, vegetable wraps and each had a soup.  I really liked the ambiance but the food was nothing to write home about.  If you are going to call a restaurant SPICE, then use some!  However, the entrees on the tables around us looked far more appealing.  I’d try it again.

After the play that night, we headed to A Taste of Havana on 200 8th Avenue for coffee and dessert.  We drank cafe cum leches and munched on lovely flan.  I’ve been there before for drinks and ceviches.  They have fantastic mohitos.  I would definitely recommend it.

On Sunday, after our China Town fiasco, we headed to the Hummus Place at 109 St. Mark’s Place in the East Village.  This has been one of my favorite places in NYC for many years now.  Give me a plate of hummus, pita and pickles, and I’m one happy chick.  Problem was that my kids are quite picky and wouldn’t eat much other than pita and hard boiled eggs.  But sometimes you just gotta be selfish and go where you like and not what your kids like….otherwise, it’d be pizza, pizza, pizza!

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