Dan Gets a Minivan, Coming Soon

It just so happens that Dan Zevin lives in my hometown and his son is my daughter’s 3rd grade class.

He’s an author with a new book coming out, Dan Gets a Minivan, a coming-of-middle-age tale told with warmth and wit, It provides the one thing every parent really needs: comic relief.

The least hip citizen of Brooklyn, Dan has a working wife, two small children, a mother who visits each week to “help,” and an obese Labrador mutt who prefers to be driven rather than walked. How he got to this point is a bit of a blur. There was a wedding, and then there was a puppy. A home was purchased in New England. A wife was promoted and transferred to New York. A town house. A new baby boy. A new baby girl. A stay-at-home dad was born. A prescription for Xanax was filled. Gray hairs appeared; gray hairs fell out. Six years passed in six seconds. And then came the minivan.

It’s a slice-of-midlife story chronicles the whole hilarious journey—from instituting date night to joining Costco; from touring Disneyland to recovering from knee surgery; from losing ambition to gaining perspective. Where it’s all heading is anyone’s guess, but, for Dan, suburbia’s calling—and his minivan has GPS.

Browse Inside Dan Gets a Minivan, watch his video, pre-order this book today. And if you want me to relay your comments personally to Dan about his book or his minivan, drop me a line and I’ll let him know at pick up.

Disclosure: This is not a review.  I was not compensated to write this nor have I read his book YET (I will!).  


  1. This is very telling. I love the line “how he got to this point is a blur.” I’ll definitely be picking this up. Thanks for sharing!